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Brian & Trishe’

We would like to welcome Brian and Trishe’ to our blog this afternoon. Brian was referred to us through another photographer and we met the couple soon after e-mail contact to discuss their big day. Brian and Trishe’ looked so good together as a couple, I was sure their photos were going to be amazing!

On the day of the wedding the weather was perfect! The venue blew us away with their picturesque landscapes and luscious green gardens. It was as if I walked into a small piece of the Cape! Trishe’s dress was perfect for her look and Brian wasted nothing on expense with his suit. Only the best for his most beautiful bride…

At the ceremony the sun was beating down in all it’s glory and the guests waited patiently for the front door to open from the Bridal Suite. Once Trishe’ started walking down to the front, Brian battled to hold back his emotions. The violinist created a wonderful atmosphere as everybody’s eyes remained fixed on the processions. It was so magical, we felt like we were part of a movie set. We started the ceremony with a few hymns, which afterwards, the priest shared a strong sermon and word of encouragement. This was followed by the vows and lighting of the candles. All this time Brian and Trishe’ were like teenagers falling in love for the first time. After the first kiss and the signing of the register we proceeded to the tea gardens where we welcomed the bridal retinue with petals and congratulations.

At the creative we started with the beautiful backlighting we were getting, on the main lawn of the venue, and proceeded towards the forest. The forest really captivated my imagination as the trees elevated higher and higher and created this moody feel to our images. I saw a lavender garden further ahead of which the couple were more than willing to get into. After a few snaps in the lavender we headed for the man-made feature, just behind where the ceremony took place, to use the features to our full advantage.

At the reception we were blown away by the beautiful decor’ and table settings that gave the hall a real classy theme. Bonga Ndaba was our MC for the night and made us all feel welcome and at home with his jokes and gestures that were shared. You could see from all the speeches shared that everybody loved Brian and had high respect for him and his integrity. He honoured God in his speech and honoured both sets of parents as well as described to us how he felt about his new wife and how beautiful she looked to him. After all the formalities were over we started the wedding march which got everybody on the dance floor and in the mood for some partying, once the first dance was over. Zandra and I had lots of fun capturing everybody ripping up the dance floor with their latest moves, not caring about what others thought but just having a good time. I want to thank Brian and Trishe’ for believing in our services and allowing us to be part of this magical day

Venue: The Zunguness

Flowers: Flowers SA

Main Photographer: Wade Conway

Assistant Photographer: Zandra Conway

MC: Bonga Ndaba



  • Deidre Davids

    May 18, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    Outstanding.. Awesome photos.. Thank you for capturing these moments with such creativity and professionalism..

  • Desiree

    May 18, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    The most beautiful wedding, ever!!!

  • Susan

    May 20, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Everything about this day was romantic. Thank you for capturing it so well ..

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