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Calvin and Tanya

I would like to welcome Calvin and Tanya to our blog today. Tanya is my wife’s best friend so my wife was asked, for the first time ever, to be a bridesmaid! Instead of a photographer… Yay! This wedding took place at Waterwoods in the Midlands. It was such a beautiful venue with horses, cattle, sheds and alot more. The day started with Zandra leaving me early in the morning to get her hair and makeup done. I caught a lift to the venue later on and started with the venue images. Alex arrived just in time for the groom prep to be shot whilst I did the Bridal Prep. Tanya was a model before so she knew how to pose and what to do with the camera which was a big help. During the bridal prep I just loved the interaction of the girls and of the parents with Tanya and so I played with that idea with the veil. After a few strawberry lips and tequila’s we left for the church. (Which was next door). One of the Pastors from Kloof Harvest did the ceremony and it was well spoken and the father of the bride read scripture in Italian. After the first kiss and the exiting of the chapel we grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to the fields where all the horses where. They were so super friendly to us. Anybody could touch them! After the creative was finished we headed for the reception with, you guessed it, more shooters! The reception was jammed packed with friends and all the formalities and speeches were all heartfelt with Calvin’s Dad throwing in a good cry now and then after he told his son how proud he was of him. The bridemaids wrote and performed a song for the bridal couple and Mr Pucci was outstanding with his speech and had the whole place screaming with laughter. I was at the “crazy table” with one of the bridesmaids disappearing with her shooters bottle under the table and and Kurt and Sharneen (One of our previous bridal couple mentioned on our blog) livening up the party with fun, dancing and lots of tequila! It was a fun night had by all and when I had finished shooting I packed my camera away and ripped up the dance floor myself with one of the gorgeous bridesmaids…ummm my wife 🙂 I would just like to thank Tanya and Calvin for entrusting their perfect day to me and wish them only success in their future together!

Main Photographer: Wade Conway
Assistant Photographer: Alexi Ferraris
Venue: Waterwoods



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