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Kevin & Kerry

I would like to welcome Kevin & Kerry to our blog tonight! Kevin and Kerry’s wedding has been anticipated for a while as this was my first time shooting at Umtamvuna River Lodge and I had bumped into Kevin at another wedding I was involved in taking pictures at.When I arrived there I was excited to see the venue for itself from all the blogs I have seen and it was very much as beautiful as I anticipated it to be. The table decor’ was beautifully done by Kerry’s family and all the bridesmaids were waiting for me upstairs. Kerry was nervous and calm and relieved to see me when I popped into the upper room. Loved the walls and much effort that was put into those rooms. The girls were alot of fun and I wanted to show that in my photos. After the fun I focused on the bride and her profile shots. Soon it was time for the ceremony and everyone was waiting for Kerry on some amazing wooden pews laid on the banks of a river. Kevin was speechless when he saw Kerry and could not help but stare. The message given by Tim was short and to the point and before I knew it the vows were spoken, rings exchanged and the marriage sealed with a first kiss! The area set aside for the guests’ canapes’ was amazing. They had outdoor furniture and bars set up with outdoor games such as golf, bowls and throwing of the horseshoes. We cut the cake at the canapes’ section and then moved onto the family photos. I let Kerry chill for awhile whilst I decided on my creative and then we headed off to Clearwaters. What a view and location! That location made my work so easy for me. All I had to do was shoot, shoot shoot! I also found a fruit forest of trees in which I took a few snaps. The reception was full of joy, good laughs and speeches, and lots of socializing. In the end a few landed up on the dance floor with Kerry and Kevin and let their hair down. I enjoyed every bit of Kerry and Kevin’s journey together and wish them only success in their future!

Photographer: Wade Conway
Minister: Tim Kidgell ( Olive Tree Church )
Cake: Jean
Dress: Meliza Mary/for the bride
Dj: Heat Beats wedding djs
Make Up: Kiss the bride


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