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Vaughan & Brynn

What a wedding to remember! I would like to welcome Vaughan and Brynn to our blog today. This couple got married at the Audacia Manors in Morningside, Durban. It was one hell of a party from beginning to end. In the morning the guys were all at the pool cooling down with their ice cold beers while the ladies were busy prepping themselves with champagne upstairs. I began with the guys first and then moved up to the ladies later. What I liked about this groom prep is the gifts the groomsmen got from the groom. Everything a man would need from his Manbox! Loved it! The ladies all looked beautiful with their silk gowns and and comfy slippers. The bridal prep was easy and quick and we I could see all Brynn was thinking was, “Aisle, Alter, Hymn…” Lol. That is an old wedding joke… The ceremony was full of laughs and tears and before we knew it all was over and the couple were married. We headed off to the Rose garden across from Mitchell’s Park for the photos and came back to a reception full of ….Tequila! Tequila flowed that night like water. The speeches and the demonstrations giving by the MC with his life jacket on were hilarious! Alot of Vaughan’s naughty days were revealed by his best mates and and the whole night was charged with emotion, from one of the guests asking the couple to be her God Parents to celebrating Vaughan’s dad’s 90th to Vaughan’s daughter hardly been able to bring herself to her speech for her parents. Vaughan sat right up in the front to hear it! You could see how much everyone loved this couple and by the time the party started I had to almost wear a safety helmet! To protect myself from the superman pose. Thank you Vaughan and Brynn for allowing me to capture your incredible day and I wish you guys only success in your future together!

Main Photographer: Wade Conway
Venue: Audacia Manors

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  • Lindo M

    May 13, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Bloody hell, these look totally amazing! Vaughn and Brynn I’m really happy for you! Here’s to forever. . .

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