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Yash & Shivania

I would like to welcome Yash & Shivania to our blog today! This couple tied the knot at the beautiful and intimate venue known as Eagles Cry in Tongaat. I have always had many successful weddings there. The morning started off with perfect weather… I shot Yash at the Ballito flats behind the Ballito Junction Mall. At first I got a bit lost but with Yash’s help I arrived and everyone was eager and excited for the day! Yash looked so cool and sophisticated in his perfectly tailored suit. Everything was perfectly planned and the groom prep went smoothly. When I arrived at a private home in Simbithi Estate the girls seemed relax and the house was beautiful to shoot in! The white walls and the amount of light shining through the massive glass doors made my work very easy. They had a beautiful wooden table to shoot the perfume and shoes on. The dress had a trail that just carried on forever and Shivania looked like a supermodel ready to meet her dashing prince! Shivania was super photogenic and even though she was a bit shy of the camera at first she soon got used to the lens and looked fabulous…

The venue was set up beautifully by Spot On Events and when the time came for the grand entrance we were met by these 2 beautiful sports cars (which were the highlight of the wedding day) and their entrance really made a statement! The pastor did a great job in performing the service and the round architrave in the front just added that elegance to the outdoors. We ended the service with a guard of honour and the couple walked through the rain of petals. I did a drone shot of everyone gathered together by the lake and the sun added a bit of it’s beauty into the shot as well. At the creative we focused mainly on the sports cars and when the time came for the shoot by the bridge we got rained out! I lost my sun visor at that point, running to the van for shelter, and tried recovering it in the rain to no avail… I did do a re-shoot of that creative shoot a few weeks later to capture the fullness of their love for each other, and I found my visor! Arriving at the reception dripping with water my team set up whilst I dried myself off and we prepared for the second grand entrance. Shivania and Yash had both changed into a different outfit which was more colourful.

The MC was very good at entertaining the guests and we had a wonderful time with the speeches, the delicious meals and the cake cutting. We had a surprise item from Pop Idols contestant Crystalene Nair. When it came time for the first dance Yash and Shivania were well prepared with their dance routine. The DJ then turned up the beat and no-one could stop the overflow of guests letting their hair down and dancing the night away. What a party!

I would just like to thank Yash and Shivania for allowing us to capture such a special day in their lives and only wish them success in their future together…

MC:   Denver Naicker

DJ :   Eugene Naicker     

Singer/entertainment:   Crystalene Nair

Violin/Cello/entertainment:  Allegro             

Venue:  Eagles Cry

Décor: Spot on Events

Hair:  DeMala Hair Design

Photographer: Wade Conway

Video: Conway Photography Elsie Baker and Jade Gilbert

Drone: Ryan Smith

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